Acupuncture for Labor Induction

Acupuncture for Labor Induction and Pre-birth Acupuncture – What’s the Difference? Clinically I see a number of women each week towards the end of pregnancy who are keen to try to avoid a medical induction, and others who want to minimise the chance of losing their place in our local hospital midwifery program at 42…

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Acupuncture for Urinary Incontinence


No one really wants to chat about their bladder issues, they are generally not considered appropriate small talk or a conversation starter. I spend a lot of time talking with women about all sorts of personal stuff, yet bladder problems still seem to be one of those things that we are most reluctant to talk…

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Acupuncture in Pregnancy

fertility acupuncture

Treating pregnant women is my favourite thing in clinic. I get to share in the magic of this amazing time and talk about things I can get pretty excited about, like giving birth and babies, and women often respond to acupuncture at this time really, really quickly. Since the birth of my own first babe…

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