TCM and Postpartum Traditions

TCM and postpartum traditions

TCM and Postpartum Traditions Traditional Chinese Medicine Traditions After Birth TCM and postpartum traditions are rich. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the postnatal period is a watershed in women’s health. “Caring well for the mother (in the postpartum period) not only ensures her good health for the future but can even resolve past health issues”1.  Conversely, inadequate…

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Magnesium and Its Awesome Powers

Foods with Magnesium

I have been lured into the world of blogging, apparently these days it’s the main way to maintain and increase your web presence for a business.  So, here goes: I was racking my brain trying to think what to start with.  I finally settled on giving you my take on magnesium. No, its not Chinese…

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Winter is Coming: Homemade Tonic for Colds & Flu

Tonic for Colds

Winter is coming, even here in the Northern Rivers region. Late autumn seems to herald the beginning of cold and flu season. I really hate being sick. I don’t have the most robust constitution, so I do need to be careful. When I get a lurgie I tend to feel pretty sorry for myself, grumpy,…

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