Revealing Your Radiance with Cosmetic Acupuncture


Since I first slipped and stumbled into puberty I have struggled with my skin. Through my teens it was acne, but through my 20s till now in my 40s it hasn’t been pimples and breakouts (though I can still get a few here and there), it has more been an issue of congestion, dullness, uneven texture and now, lines. But this year, in my 4th decade of life, I have finally made friends with my skin. It will never be the porcelain, smooth, soft dewy skin I have always coveted, but it is pretty clear, the texture is the best its been since childhood and my open pores have reduced, my skin tone is more even and some of my fine lines have started to recede. Some of this is no doubt due to my increasing attention to diet and clean eating and living, but the most profound shift I have seen happened since I started giving myself cosmetic acupuncture.

Cosmetic acupuncture, sometimes known as facial enhancement acupuncture, is an art form which has a long history traditional Chinese medicine dating back many hundreds of years. Initially reserved for the ladies of the imperial courts to preserve and enhance their beauty, now anyone can access this modality to preserve aspects of their outer beauty and radiance.

Techniques used in cosmetic acupuncture provide an effective way of improving your skin health, its appearance and reverse signs of aging naturally without the use of toxins or synthetic fillers or harsh methods like chemical peels or laser therapy. This is pretty incredible, but a few treatments can increase the collagen in your skin by over 1000 times, increases microcirculation and relaxes taut muscles which altogether results in firmer skin, improved elasticity, improved texture and reduction in marks, scars, and pigment. The results are visible for several years after treatment. Conditions that can be improved by facial rejuvenation acupuncture include:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Ageing skin
  • Crows feet
  • Sagging skin
  • Droopy eyelids
  • Bags under the eyes
  • Dry skin
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Pigmentation
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Open pores
  • Acne/acne-prone skin
  • ‘Double-chin’
  • Scarring

While the most commonly treated conditions are facial, treatments for scarring can also include c-section scars and stretch marks.

So what happens in a treatment? As with any acupuncture, the first step is to take a full health history so that treatments and products can be individualized to each patient. Tongue and pulse diagnosis are also used to assess general health and constitution. We also have a chat about any dietary ideas that may assist the health and radiance of the skin, and ensure your skin care is appropriate and ensure you are not putting anything toxic on your skin as these treatments increase transdermal absorption significantly. This is all done in the initial appointment, so it’s a bit longer (around 2 hrs). The treatment itself begins with some warm, moist towels placed on the face to soften and prepare the skin, then the face is massaged and cleansed. A herbal mask is then applied to the skin. Once cleansed acupuncture needles are inserted into points on the body and the face, depending on the client’s needs, requests and concerns. Once the needles are removed, dermal rolling is applied to the desired area (usually face, neck and décolletage, but can include hands, c-sections scars, and stretch marks) and finally a jade roller is used to cool and soothe and recovery serum is applied to help with skin redness, healing, and collagen production. A treatment takes about 90 mins, it’s a relaxing facial and acupuncture rolled into one treatment!

Included in the price of the packages are your personal white lotus dermal roller (value $85), a jade roller (value $20), a natural cleanser ($20), and a natural recovery serum ($30) & the specified number of treatments (6 or 8). The combined value of these items alone is $150.

With cosmetic acupuncture, a course of treatments, usually from 8 to 12, is recommended to see optimal results. Improvements will be seen after 1 treatment, but the significant increase in collagen will not start to be seen for a few weeks, and the reduction of expression lines can take a few treatments to be evident. To encourage people to have a full course of treatment I have designed 2 packages that provide significant value, a 6 session package, and an 8 session package. Included in the price of the packages are your personal white lotus dermal roller (value $85), a jade roller (value $20), a natural cleanser ($20) to use during treatment, and a natural recovery serum ($30) & the specified number of treatments. The combined value of these items alone is $150. The dermal roller and jade roller are both kept at the clinic for the duration of your treatment but can be taken home after. The 6 treatment package is priced at $800 (this is a saving of $190) and the 10 treatment package is $1250 (this is a saving of $400). Individual treatments are priced at $140 for 90 mins, and the dermal roller needs to be purchased separately. To start me off in this venture I am offering a further 15% discount for packages booked and paid for before Christmas this year!!

There are some contraindications to cosmetic acupuncture including active acne and skin infections, eczema, sunburn, high blood pressure, pregnancy, and medications like warfarin or other strong blood thinners.

If you would like to explore what cosmetic acupuncture can do for you, give us and call and book in before Christmas for those festive season savings!



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